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Petchem Supply

Our Services


At Petchem Supply, we can provide a range of various services operated by our professional in-house production team to ensure customer satisfaction to their fullest in every aspect.

  • ½ ” – 3 ” size Stud bolt are always in stock and ready to be cut by our cutting machine depend on customer’s needed length, therefore we can supply our customer’s urgent and specific need of merchandise in the shortest time.
  • Apart from qualification marking on each product, we have “PS” brand marking which identifies product source from Petchem Supply. We guarantee all products with this mark so our customer can be assured of reliable quality.
  • Our Machine tool and Lathe experts are available at your convenience. Any customized demand are always welcome and customer be affirmed to receive customized product timely in a refined condition.

Quality Control

We ensure our product quality must be 100% at all times. Our specialized QC officers strictly follow manual, checking size, dimension and chemical of each product thoroughly and carefully.

Products from Petchem Supply are reliable and qualified since every product has to match its certificate and reach ASTM and ASME standard before it passes Quality Control Management.


We highly consider our packaging as an important part of product distribution process, assuring customer that our products must arrive in perfect condition. 

Packing, packaging and bundling procedures are done carefully and orderly in order to protect our products during their mobility, for example, optimizing carton, crate and wood pallet that suitable to each product category. 

Our customer will receive a warranty service if products get damaged in transit under agreed terms and conditions.


No matter where our customer is, domestic or overseas, we can offer products delivery directly to any desired destination.

We provide a wide range of transport including road, train, sea and air freight, any can be chosen for our customer’s comfort. 

Transportation management is well controlled by in-house professional logistics management system, hence our customer can rely on our efficient delivery service to deliver timely at the right place, right time and right condition as committed.