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Petchem Supply

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Petchem Supply have always been operating business holding to principle of morality. We prioritize honesty towards our customer, therefore, products and services must be qualified before serving to customer. We also appoint various policies to encourage our responsibilities towards both internal and external related parties, described in the following.

1. Responsibility to Customer

Carefully selecting only qualified products from trustworthy manufacturers with standard sources and management and providing services to fully satisfy customer’s need, following quality policy of “focusing on customer’s highest satisfaction, we must support with best products and services.”

2. Responsibility to Employee

2.1 Security policies

We ensure our employee work under safety and hygienic condition and have set policies as follow.

  • Safety in workplace is a requirement for every manager and staff.
  • We support development of safety working process and workplace environment.
  • We promote all staffs to have safety knowledge, understanding and conscious in working.
  • We sufficiently allocate devices and tools for staff in order to strengthen safety purpose.


In addition, we appoint Safety Manager to specifically inspect and control performance under safety policy. All staffs in all ranks will be trained and instructed of safety policy before start working. Manager will closely observe staff’s performance and make sure that work progress follows the policy.

2.2 Drug Free workplace prevention policy

We emphasize staff’s hygiene, consequently we participate in “White Factory” project to campaign for staff and nearby community to stay away from drugs, appointing policy as follows.

  • Staff cooperate in preventing and solving Drug issue by not selling, not consuming and not being involved with drugs.
  • We observe and make sure that no staff or external parties have suspicious behavior relating to drugs in our company.
  • We screen new employee, selecting individual who do not have misconduct record upon drug, excepting that person already received complete treatment.
  • We encourage staff by informing essential news, knowledge and information to prevent drug problem.
  • We perform drug testing regularly.
  • We cooperate with the police to prevent and eradicate drug problem by suggesting them a clue or trace of illegal act.

3. Social and Environmental Responsibility

We see importance of environmental resources. Hence, we launch energy saving campaign within the company in order to encourage staff to share sustainability values. We instruct how to use electric appliances and office equipment economically, setting saving policy with a goal of usage deduction in monthly electric bill since August 2015.